Thursday, May 12, 2016

Robin Wyatt Dunn- A Poem

Cheers to Jung-Mal, Earth President

Cheers to Jung-Mal, Earth President.
He has instituted Universal Reading Regimes.
My libation is Stone IPA.
Its color is green.
By the waystation outside my window, all lights are on.

I know the frequency of Reading Regime Discussion Section. It is 425 Megahertz.
I tune in every night.

Each star moves at a certain rate, although that rate can vary,
depending on other phenomena.
This variance is like Universal Reading Regimes.
How long will Jung Mal live?

Will Earth have what it takes to anoint a just successor?

Will Earth continue to tune into 425 Megahertz as I do?

My fellow listeners know the difficulty that attends on successful
radio listening.
Have our chores for the collective been completed?
Have I satisfied my own needs so I may be put to the best use?

Jung-Mal too is suffering.
How can we aid him?

Are we brave enough to speak to Jung-Mal as a brother?

Robin Wyatt Dunn lives in Los Angeles.

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