Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alan Catlin- Two Poems

Abominable Snowmen

Only abominable
walk here
this night
their frozen
heavy booted
feet as they
rubbing their
cold reddened
the still
dead air
No one ever
sees their
double X'd
Not even
the barman

                                                Star Wars

                                                I said I
                                                knew a guy
                                                one who
                                                thought he
                                                was from Mars
                                                Come to think
                                                of it he was
                                                just about
                                                your size and
                                                he liked them
                                                draught beers
                                                just like you
                                                do too   You
                                                know this guy
                                                used to come
                                                in here every
                                                afternoon about
                                                4 o'clock with
                                                some crazy wild
                                                lines about
                                                extra terrestrial
                                                life  I don't
                                                suppose I'm
                                                getting through
                                                to you am I?
                                                I wasn't
                                                He was from
                                                somewhere else
                                                now and all
                                                that I was
                                                saying was long
                                                ago and far away

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