Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bradford Middleton- A Poem


I know what I saw I pleaded
I know it sounds weird but I know what it was
All the planets were aligned
And the moon was huge in the daytime sky
When there it was
I know what it was
But I don’t want to say
I’m sick of being ridiculed
And having my claims put down

I saw it from a long way off
It hurtled across the sky
At a velocity and direction I knew was strange
And then there it was
Hovering over the end of the pier
People stood, rubbing their eyes
Unsure of what to say or how to behave
But I know what I saw
Because I’d seen one before

That night many years ago
I had been a young schoolboy
Travelling through northern Italy
On a coach full of rowdy kids
Two bright lights translucent against a big black sky
But even then I knew what I’d seen
Aged ten years old it was clear to me
We’d been visited from beyond the stars
It was just the same on this fateful day

The non-believers stood aghast
Not sure of how to react or what they saw
I knew what it was and knew I had to stay
Watching the unbelievable
Whilst knowing it was only too real
A flying saucer had made its way
Across the universe and had landed
At the bottom of my street over the bloody pier
I know what I saw I’d seen one before


Bradford Middleton was born in 1971 and is a writer of poetry and short fiction who currently resides in Brighton after coming of age in London and then being somewhat transient for a while during which he lived in both Surrey and Staffordshire.  He has so far attained the status of Contributing Poet at the Mad Swirl, and has been published online in numerous places, including Word Riot, Foliate Oak, Dead Beats and Horror, Sleaze Trash as well as in print through the Poetry Quarterly journal. He has a novel near completion entitled Dive which someone will get to read soon.

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

edification by fire 
I am an autumn phoenix burning;
I will rise from the ashes of my
flame, whether or not you’re still
standing beside me; I burn away
at all the things that make flawed;
edifying the pieces of me that are
painted in inky black hands, You
tilt my head toward the sun; blue
flames encircle my body faster now —
but I will be revived a new person
with new lilts and new lilies in my
soul; cleansed white by Your hand.