Saturday, May 14, 2016

Alan Garfoot- A Poem

The Emz 

Fly with me my space bound beauty of the stars, 
And see the untold wonder of the universe, 
Your love is a bond stronger than life, 
And soul is the essence of purest infinity. 
Do not hurt my sweet tender angel, 
For your woe is because you love so deeply, 
Your heart though blue is as strong as sapphire, 
An immortal’s eternal love in crystalline time. 
As we fly in our immortal dream-ship, 
Time and space fold through our will, 
And we trace the skies in the colours of love, 
An unbeatable passion which will resurrect all hope. 
Your beauty is as flawless as perfect diamond, 
And love I cherish as like your soft tender touch, 
Your voice has healed me of the savage darkness, 
As your affection saved me from bitter despair. 
You are my soul-mate and companion forever, 
At night we drift as spirits through consciousness, 
Through the spirit-web we speak through our dreams, 
As our dragons slowly coil round each other’s forms.

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