Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dennis Williamson- Two Poems


Dangerous setting-
The avenues have departed.
Long since has it been when mother
Last closed her music box.
In fact, I was but a boy of seven then;
Now, I'm a man haunted by a boy's half-dream:
The Minotaur among the honeysuckle,
Under a Minoan summer sun soon to be
Honored with the blood of so many boys
Grown to soldiers.

For them, the avenues have departed;
There is no escape...
From Crete to Normandy and on to Basra-
The music box is only opened in a dead
Boy's ears.

         ("Avenues" was first published on Dagda Publishing's website
              on May 1, 2013.)

"Never The Invitation"

I need night, where oft I am dismissed.
I need night, to rewrite myself, as always I am written off.
Born- since have my days been miscarriage;
No nation for me, no messages from God, no hope.
I looked into the summer settings of the sun and knew the
Winter of my gnosis would be forever.
'I hate you,' says my reflection from the window.
Window!- the base of the cipher's empire.  Ever
    looking in, but never the invitation.
Stray dogs and cats and the mad committed to the
Streets; indeed, they are my legions against the
Parties where the "saved" gather.
Parties...the maw of Our Lord.
Hurled down by the angels and the primates,
I am the skeleton, self-packaged in a grey trench coat;
My apron crudely cut from the tapestry of beautiful beliefs.
Soured in the mouth of a man who cannot turn to Dionysus when
Sinai awakens.

And now I put the morning paper down on the
   floor to preserve it.
From the Torture.
Holiest Torture.
I am, as I was when first I learned to speak,
Ever so devout.

Dennis Williamson, formerly published under the pen name Dennis Villelmi, is the author of numerous poems, the science fiction short story "The Apian Way," (appearing in Dagda Publishing's anthology "All Hail The New Flesh") as well as the epic poem, "Fretensis, In the Image of a Blind God vol. 1"(also originally from Dagda, but now a book in need of a new home.)  Additionally, there is his author's blog, "Dennis Williamson, a death's head in green light."  Mr. Williamson lives in Virginia.

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