Monday, March 21, 2016

Sudeep Adhikari- Two Poems

The City of Men

The ravens gang up
on the lone tree
in my neighborhood
house of sticks and ether
besides the towering
jungle of silicates;
gloss of stupor double-binds
 the schizophrenia
of Gods' city.

 A pocketful of plate-tectonics,
a few quantums of love and hate,
a sleep-walking inertia
living the dreams
of ancient mummies;
let the gods sleep
 in their UFO drones. 

There are no doors to heaven
there are no truths
 to seek
are you there, my friend?
are you awake?

First appeared in "Novelmasters"

Multiplicity Nothingness


Glitch and gravity, both
bend the space
time-warp my already
whacked-out reflexes
I make the Mobius strip

and a couple of more paradoxes

out of my psyche;

God must be a geometer
as Kepler has thought once.

a sonic excess of noise
or the rhizomatic fuzz
inside the root of a pepal tree;

life oozes out of
every impossibilities

in a path

nor straight, neither curvilinear
fractal, probably.


Have you ever tried

to make nothingness

deep-dream in Google?

to get countless virtual raves,

multiverses, cat-eyes

for the laser-light
and few psychedelic

shinto temples.


matter and mind

weave an irreducible

 psychoid whole
related and plural

 undivided, yet many

The Tao of psychophysics.


All my life, I haunted

for the single truth
and ended up finding

many whores,
some sleepless rivers that flow
straight from a beer-factory,

few deathless trees that refuse

not to dance for a second

and some coked-out gods

who like to party

wearing a blood-soaked skull
for a cap.


I am not a sell-out
but I find no difference either.

 First appeared in "Zombie Logic Review"

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