Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sudeep Adhikari- A Poem

Tao of Noise


Infinity is no more

than a fraction

tripping on noise and relations

when some feedbacks loop in

to create the little recursion of "Know Yourself"

with some gizmos and blinks.


An identity of the opposites;

between single and the multiple

between absurd and the sublime

and between me and you

leaves no space

same shit, different orders.


with each poem

I try to be that infinity;

the scorching sound-grinds of Michael Gira,

the seething heat of Jung's Hell-fire

or that astral window into the Bardo-Land

of Dakinis, demi-gods and undead Buddhas;

M.C. Escher's impossible universes,

David Lynch's Earserheads

Dr. Dennis Upper's paper on

"The Unsuccessful Case of self-treatment of
a Case of Writer's Block"

and Rauschenberg's white paintings.


All are empty and full

Noisy and pop

at the same time.


with each bottle of time,

cocktailed with wine

I realize that chaos

is the very fabric of my existence

and is the "Mother of all things"

as Lao Tzu once said thousands of years ago;

"Before Heaven and earth, there was something nebulous

Eternal and alone, silent and void

the mother of all things

I don't know its name

I call it Tao".

(First appeared online on The Peregrine Muse, Feb 2016)

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