Sunday, January 3, 2016

j.lewis- Two Poems

j.lewis is an internationally published poet, musician, and nurse practitioner. His poetry and music reflect the complexity of human interactions, sometimes drawing inspiration from his experience in healthcare. When he is not otherwise occupied, he is often on a kayak, exploring and photographing the waterways near his home in California.

lake fog

i felt it in my sleep
lake fog laying siege
to near-defenseless thoughts

no dainty creeping in
on little cat-feet
the voracious mist
reeked of dead fish
and lost dreams
accused me of wasted days
forgotten loves
life half-lived
and hidden sorrows

roundness of dragon

let go your notions of wings
of long snaky bodies
scales and talons too--
let them go up in dragon flame
come to me

i am a roundness of dragon
head like an aging friar's
sun-touched and gleaming
over sumo-bellied beauty
and legs to make Rubens weep for joy
come to me

i will of course devour you
your stories, poems, tears
hopes, dreams
and lust (yes, i know how that burns)
every bit of you chewed slowly
the bones of your personality
picked clean by questioning
until the skeleton of your history
stands naked in my gaze

when i am satisfied
that you hold nothing more
to feed my endless curiosity
fatten my treasure-hoard of knowing
then i will whisper
go from me

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