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Jason Constantine Ford- Three Poems

Biography: Jason Constantine Ford is from Perth in W.A, Australia. He works at a book shop and has over a hundred publications of poetry and fiction in various literary magazine, ezines and journals from around the world. Bram Stroker, Phillip K. Dick, Edgar Alan Poe and William Blake are his main influences. 

Dream Woman

After having spent a day in desert heat
Harsh enough to erode an ordinary will
Inclining itself towards the dryness of defeat,
I look ahead with desires that cannot be still.

I walk to a sign among bushes with words obscure
And cannot grasp a word that is written down
Before noticing a woman with features demure
Adorned with an orange, red and yellow gown.

After friendly greetings are exchanged between
Her and I, I ask her a question as to where
I am among bushes previously unseen
And receive silence as a response unfair.

Without a warning, her body splinters apart
Into fragments the desert air consumes.
Her non-existence is hitting me like a dart
As my search for reality resumes.

Morning Hangover

Images are flashing back as sparks ignite
Delusions I suffered from the other night.

The girls I encountered at a party appear
To be here as they speak with words I endear.

They are talking about values I evoked
Within the span of sharing weed we smoked.

I leave my bed desiring to embrace
A girl until she is gone without a trace.

In that moment, all the others have left
As I devolve with emotions bereft.

The boundary separating fiction from fact
Appears obscured in a manner most exact.

I cannot even tell the difference between
Reals girls and those who have never been.

Flashback of Pain

Images of her return within my sleep
As a set of brittle memories entering deep
Into both conscious and unconscious thought
Until images are gone away to status nought.
One image returns with bitterness immense
From the day she cruelly chose to withdraw
Her love resulting in affliction of each sense
Of mine unto a state of me being sore.
Memory of how she pulled her hand away
Is a form of bitterness that decides to stay.

Although I attempt to remove this image,
Chambers of thought suffer from the damage
This image brings into my state of mind
As effects of bitter years which always grind.
Each year which is dissolved into the dust
Of sadness is sprinkled with the pain of knowing
How I am simply left with less than the crust
Of years of bitterness that are still blowing.
In my sleep, the wind blows against my back
With the full force of an emotional attack.

Ford, Jason Constantine, Dream Woman, Morning Hangover, Flashback of Pain, The Tower of Illusion and Entrance into the Tower of Illusion, posted on October 19, 2014 at Mel BrakE Press website, , October 2014.

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