Monday, January 11, 2016

Brandon Theis- A Poem

Memo Random: of boats and bots

JJ P’Astor45, titan of the time reserves, recruits Nike La Te La23, to become 'the opponent de jour' - aka a catalyst for the class of ‘richest men in the world’. The four sphere’s fear hysterics ventilate hubris - an over-reaction to the FedRes Robotics Club.

Real fate occupation detractors, such as Benji Googleheim36, and Ivana Straus5, shifted the boards positron's so heavily, swap space got stained glassy, locked in an hour of ice loops, sinking ole titans’ lair. Timeless rift departing was now a Lucid State Dystopia of slower expectorants.

Bots’ Club be damned, gurgling pulse prayers unheeded, reruns de-ice the whole zone, and still the phase corruption barfs out more burbling version queues. Somehow the sticky power supply substation Nike23 designed causes infinite Roosey Velvet charm marauders to call up ole JP Mortgain (a physical space assignee) and they reset the coils back to freeze, unlatching Gee-Z units at an alarming pace...well sometimes it was a pace, other times were snake like, still others wrapped up pi and fell back inward, revealing images of the queue constructors. 

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