Tuesday, July 7, 2015

John Pursch- A Poem

Aboard the Spaceship Blonderbust

Emerging ecstatic and a bit bedraggled
from untold years of solid submersible
captivity at the manacled hands of
chronically priapistic cardboard Coptics,
Lola did her level best to suppress a titter,
stepped aboard the Spaceship Blonderbust
with innate aplomb, grabbed the xylophone,
and ripped into Baited Oven’s
Tenth timpani corset,
popping bubonic buttons,
gravitational exhaust blooming
from Shiny Cistern’s bucolic seedbed
clear acrostic rank accelerando
playpen cook-alike contests,
filially settling in Bat Rack 26
for the pliable duration of
duodenal diurnal duodecimal
dew point’s dodecahedral
dockyard dunce cap
premonition overwhelm.

“Hickory, tick off the sold and soldered
seepage of soldiers seized in payday tirades
of Dirty Ear’s Whores und maypole heaven
slum ink err bobble ably chimp possible
oven chew alley tees scrolled sebaceously
down dipstick shin splint leggy bruise net
hectare chowder cuticle evasion cod quarters,”
she rattled off to entry won whittling earshot,
flipping troweled all ewe minima,
what were sow cheerfully deranged in
hat rack pseudopodal genome viral paucity.

Renal Poseur,
flamed fur his manly maundy
Nautical Blasé Bull Klieg records
(sins occluding chesty bout savory
sigh land hopping hypocritical
junction pheasant when cooed
sever witch to imagine;
ink colluding bald-thyme hits,
groins, bitten has-beens,
gams gamboled asway from,
micturation pensive stints,
dented gin shards,
gimpy cauterized achoos,
amber abutments,
spit-and-thumb loin drives
unto trebled ploys,
strychnine trike louts sent spackling
in quinine bubbled cheddar,
sullied paralytic jamborees
behind enema spines,
enigmatic turd stripe
skulls by bluesy ballerinas
in brachial regression canopies,
frosted philanderers hosed
to soundly ferocious citywide
gum slick salamander quoits,
usurers of quintessentially
surreptitious munchy
marrow hollows,
corncob urethritis fellers
of the turtled clime,
bare nut wicket collapse
on kneepad stairwell
door lock mumbling podiatry,
and iconoclastic putting screams
shirked crowned the swirling
Coriolis farce by toiling
forked horse mechanics
in chromium reproval settees
coned clear from moody rental
parricide to messy consequential
vote retouching garters shy above
a barnyard sobbing centaur);

whale, ewe con seize jest wad a pane
indie proverb eel drainage Dutch
cooped sold Poseur musty bleat
fir awl pretty portly sorties,
seven dose hooter knot sew
steeply revolved in hiss chaise
(actuarially caissons heft wee guano
pee handy wear closed two arc urine).

Putt tease czar deke hinds
shove tinklings sever Ewoks needles
to clump to crippled creaks switch
heft antsy one wands together
sandy shelf receptive ear
quasi-lateral glance sat wad’s
scum only cloned asp raw crest
in muddled dais Americon satiety.

Thus ran Lola’s sidestream thoughts,
culled from millions of lobotic threads
spread huffing and prostrate
in cauterized feline domiciles
accursed the interred galactic fabric
of spatiotemporal vacuity,
or wad remained of the sloping
cuneiform versification of conned sequins,
hambone philharmonic clone tests,
minted angular genomic protection brackets,
calligraphic shellfish preponderance
propinquity nun with standing waveform
maiden ironic isthmus panel
peekaboo encomia comas.

Machinery canned a retinue
of surveyed retinal cucumber parts
at shoveling peens sparely teeming
with autocratic snores,
pillbox fantail carriage peels,
and homey tranquilizer consort hunks
of neutered zonal mist reward
pheromone entrustment dust.

“I’m crying to slake
summed shed whey hear,
joust drying beauty Thoreau,”
Lola sex splayed entropically
dried stanchion.

“Aft awning eye slaved
in wooden wanderlust
oar silvered furious slant hover
forlorn fodder hooter on shaven,
ballyhooed pea my Thames,”
she squiggly crammed huff derails,
bespectacled hound sagging
tourist height deal ort’s player.

Filially, Renal Poseur
caught awhirl in hedgerow:
“Pleas come tinea, dire Lulu;
hid wood bleat scum peat
lea quint holler apple due
crust slop indie mantel
hover lout’s pregnant layer!”

Have course he waste cure act,
sole Ole curried dong:
“… thigh skink dumb scum,
tie wheel bed on,
unearthed ass skittish sin seven.”

Hare she broken dawned,
sex clamoring,
“High canned cow true whippet!
Hit’s chest two blast furnace!”
spluttering a scallion
or tensive sheltered steer,
liquidity on flailed display,
drenching mangy
a trenching goat swearer,
sleeping awl putt dose
clapped in thigh-alai
sweaters mired in
quagmire sound.

Maundy hove tea long hookers
droned due teeth indie
ensuring detrital weave,
hay peripatetic tsunami,
booty shore.

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