Sunday, July 19, 2015

Denny E. Marshall- Two Poems

House Of Time

Have seen things never seen before
Strange landscape and different forms
Many rivers as black as coal
So polluted they didn’t flow
Seen politicians with their mask on
Trying to cover up what is going on
From their tanks, they tell the people
Don’t you see there is nothing wrong
Travel far across the barrier
Pass on through the unmarked line
Step into an unreal horror
Come into the house of time

Miles of giant ghost town
All the people live underground
There are no clouds in the sky
The air so thick it can make you die
Reports the constitution ripped in two
There was nothing
No one could do
Have seen the cameras in my house
A brand-new game of cat and mouse
Come into the house
Of time

Have seen a museum with a redwood tree
With pictures of how it used to be
Then a vision appeared in the sky
Said it did not have to be this way
Have seen signs did not understand
Seen the blackness cover the land
With all the dreams dreamed of
Have seen turned to sand
Into the house of time


Love cast its shape into something unknown
You're alive forever cause you lost your soul
See the sun a shining on the river below
You have your attitude with no place to go
You will be a warrior and kill your soul

You assured your place in the sun
I can see right through you
When your dark side shows it is nothing new
You found your riverside on the valley below
And with your mighty sword
There still things you do not know
You will be a warrior to a place unknown

You will try for an army that will never come
You will shine your shield and wait for the hunt
Found the mountain peak and challenged the beast
Until you cut it down you will not be pleased
You will be a warrior

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