Sunday, November 17, 2013

John Pursch- Two Poems

Plumbing Tool Watch

Speedily the bronchial, 
the light bombastic flew,
over us they cast their wit
in ceremony sheethed,
off the edge, extravagant, 
and missing only timelines,
sequenced to the genome's 
creed of crinoline and quinine. 

Teacups overflow at 
the slightest jet's impression, 
providential and imprecarious 
in their grace. 

Skeptical blotch 
and spansule notch 
and filament whirl of yore,
plumbing tool watch 
and hammer toe corn 
and luminous pillows of fear,
germinal tendrils and planets of mire, 
adoring a weatherproofed bore.

Decimal Skin

Narcotic folk songs seep 
from warbling tanagers 
in soggy circles. 

Leafy geriatrics slide through 
sweltering breath roulette, 
charting teak cetaceans 
with taupe allergies. 

Should ordinary egg yokes feel 
hysteria in sanitary sackcloth, 
stubbing out the sordid flame
of pesky dioramas? 

Cranking daughters hump 
in steely superstructures, 
explode in sweet beginner sprawl, 
and axiomatize a glowing cinder’s
decimal skin.

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