Sunday, November 10, 2013

Denny E. Marshall- Two Poems

Breaking News (Version #3)

It is late evening on a summer night
All of a sudden, sirens start to blow
Resonance of the approaching hum grow
Look out the window, the feel of things not right
Way up in the sky a strange blinking light
Voice interrupting the radio show
Breaking news, the details remain unknown
Rushing reporters to the landing sight
With a panel of experts on the phone
A special announcement on the radio
Is this a hoax or are we not alone
Repeating, happening a short time ago
Stating over on the microphone
Vague story about a UFO

Space Spies

Since man first set foot on the moon
On the floor of the earth
The telescope pointed at us
Unlike Hubble larger than a bus
With a 10,000 micro-lens
In all these years
Just a few rides to the moon
A few dozen robots
Spinning the solar system
The watchers thought
What a waste of money

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