Thursday, November 7, 2013

John Pursch- Two Poems

Half Egg Time

Cows shed chromosomes,
pigs float in saucer foam,
Gray-Glo whale eye-eyes
ogle sallow drilling sites
of raw pituitary potion. 

Heated pint o’ legs a-drying, 
hybrids hover paralyzing
hefty hairy hoi polloi, 
scuppered into twisted boys 
of candy homo sapiens. 

You yourself are calmly shown 
polyurethane urethras, 
dying tutti-frutti pleas
in shellfish frowns 
and quacking sounds 
of alien abduction. 
Shave and sew in quiet orbit’s 
flying disco hypo climb, 
luminescent thighs absorb it,
just relapse in half egg time. 

Chimpanzee Debris

Trichinosis threads 
ethereal assiduity’s 
European hardtack spine, 
handing endorphins 
to funky umbilical prawns. 

Kookaburras ignite defaced dew lines, 
saturating posh cops with cranial insistence, 
shelving spaceports with inner tube leis. 

Pressing gowned cigarettes 
in vividly smocked alarms, 
we realize diurnal battery drainage, 
spilling sumptuous eagles where tariffs soil 
embalmed golf balls with sewing crabs. 

Washing handedness 
of noble orientation, 
spiriting away a stone floor, 
lapsing into false contusions, 
fisheries melt the air with 
ossified remains of mendable fins.

Stretchers stoop 
in umbral seclusion, 
swiping floral tin 
from forehead wearers.

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