Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen- Three Poems

Time-spawned caravans of martyrs,
those who died for others, arriving 
through forgotten graveyard portals 
Clear, pungent story-tellers of the sacred 
within our peeled and cored images.

Younger brother, born                              
a bit different and                                 
all the more lovable 
because of supposed 
disabilities, told us 
fairies danced upon 
his window sill during
nighttime’s full moons,
that they wanted him 
to live with them. . .
and he does. 
Moonlit nights,
sister and I slip 
out the back door
to dance and sing
with brother and
his beloved fairies 
Mother, with her 
all-seeing cat-like 
eyes, her pointed 
ears covered by 
naturally blue hair, 
has cookies, cocoa, 
hugs, kisses for all, 
while dad just grins, 
playing his lyre 
and panpipe.

eager and waiting 
on porches and doorsteps
these fairies, zombies 
and witches, princesses, 
heroes and vampires
gap-toothed presence 
of our genuineness

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