Sunday, May 10, 2015

Michael Ceraolo- Three Poems

Ball Park Building

Catastrophic climate change had been averted,
just barely,
                 but enough change had taken place
to alter the major league landscape,
in the places in which the game was played
(some cities disappearing,
                                       other city designations
giving way to natural boundaries rather than man-made ones)
and in ending the gravy train of public subsidies,
led the Lords to a sort of retrenchment
now that they had to pay for things themselves:
no more retractable domes
where there would be domes they would be permanent),
no more gigantic video boards,
fewer luxury boxes, etc.
                                    (the Lords
would easily make up that lost revenue)

There would still be the fake eccentricity
that the late second/early third millennium
ballparks had had in imitation
of their parents and grandparents
(whose eccentricities weren't fake
but a result of having to fit in
in the neighborhoods where they were built),
                                                                 and so
ersatz ivy and multicolored monsters
and other such things abounded

Entering the Ball Park

The mania for searching those entering
never really ended,
                            it just changed form:
gone were the intrusive physical searches
for illegal food, weapons, etc.
These were replaced by mind searches
                                                          (at first
thought to be intrusive by most,
later accepted by all but a few)
looking for malevolent intent,
after much heated debate by the Lords
was deemed not to include booing players
(booing the Lords themselves was always banned),
anything beyond booing was prohibited
Those who planned abuse beyond booing
were ferreted out and denied admission

At the Ball Park

Where the Lords had gone with closed domes
Neo-Purists had campaigned for
simulating the outside weather both
temperature-wise and wind-wise,
not precipitation-wise
those conditions would be on the playing field only;
the fans' area was climate-controlled,
interested fans could purchase
(from the team) an app that would
give the experience of the outside weather

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