Saturday, May 16, 2015

Denny E. Marshall- Three Poems

The Rider

Dashing out among dark ghostly trees,
Feel a roar combine with wind blow leaves.
Sky turns black while songbird’s stop singing,
Goosebumps snap, feel skin and hair tingling.

Hideous collage patched molten gray,
Encounter clutches some to kneel and pray.
Distorted features, blond shark like teeth,
Size of the fingers measured in feet.

Foul odor sounds loud can hear its breath.    
Commands between sing echoes of death
In view a rumbling gigantic beast,
It’s rider stabs with adrenaline feast.

Due south the sunset and a rainbow,
In an all out wild run south they go


Rocket ships
Collide in space
Crash sends out
Screaming shock waves
Debris scattered
Over four light years
Could have been avoided
If they had
Played it safe
Should’ve slowed down
To 25 million M.P.H.
The area
Is clearly marked
They are cruising
At one-o-two
The faster we can go
The more we hurry
What fire
Are we all trying
To get to?

Fort Kuiper

Hidden out in space, edged next to Pluto
Sitting silent, sheltered by icy comets
Directed and undetected
In the camouflage of the Kuiper Belt
Preparation of the attack
Of a planet unsuspected

Five thousand years of our time
A fraction less to them
Only a month or so away
From executing their plan
Waiting patiently and preparing
To exact a revenge

Last time they landed
Were captured by painted soldiers
Gathered up, sacrificed with many
To appease a ancient king
Their people know the stories
Of the great one, captured and killed

Traveled back to there home
To assemble and talk strategy
Though they speed great distance
Still with limitations
Now a waiting game    
Closing near to the build up

The last stop to proceeding
Gathering at the Kuiper Belt
Soon they will wake many
Sleeping frozen comets

Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, & fiction published, some recently. One recent credit would be CMC Fiction. CMC Fiction is a new market you might give it a try. (Accepts poetry too). To see more of his works visit


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