Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jon Bennett- Three Poems


The gods let me
run to the store
to get her beer
and mac and cheese
and down to pill corner
to get her her shit
but they won’t let me
tell her I love her.
They whisper in my ear
because that’s what gods do,
“Lap dog you may be,
but be careful
to whom
you pray!”

The Culling of the White Deer Herd
at Point Reyes National Seashore

They cull the deer today
make a pyre of gathered bones
flames extinguished
hunters' smiles
antler piles.
Between the points
remembrance sleeps
a sweating boy
a foggy hill
one white stag
its thorny crown -
now sleep memory
before I weep
the white deer
are all put down.

Just Around the Corner
I walked home
by a different route,
down Washington instead of Clay.
There was a  beautiful church I never saw before.
I've lived in this neighborhood forever
but a block away from a street I know
is one I don't.
I know that's the truth,
but it's  still hard to get my head around.
It started sprinkling
as I passed a little playground on Nob Hill.
Two women were in there
just messing around
and it struck me
grown ups
playing on monkey bars
in the rain
is beautiful.


Bio: Jon Bennett is a Pushcart nominated poet and musician living in San Francisco's Chinatown. His novel "The Unfat," sci-fi about autism and obesity, is available on Amazon.

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