Monday, January 20, 2014

Mark Fleury- A Poem

Cows Waiting for UFOs


The yellow farmhouse
Window's green being

Has diamond intestines
In the falling snowflakes'

Crystals. The Ship hovers
In the ice at the fencepost 

And ground, and crackles in its 
Electric, buzzing wires

Bordering the field. The fence

Is a fast talker, the chatter
Flicks the tails and illuminates
The eyes of carp

Beneath a nearby frozen pond. 


The vast potential in between 
The past-consuming inhale and an 
Open-hearted exhale includes 

Seeds for a New Earth, wheeled
In the palm of a hand from the 
Solar Ship's Doorway.

My brain is saturated
With alchemical mind gold

That's ready to take the shape 
Of an Eye that unifies separateness.

An open-ended sentence. 

Mark Fleury lives in St. Paul Minnesota. His 4th book of poems, The Precious Surreal Door Opened, will be published this spring by Medulla Review Publishing.

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