Monday, January 6, 2014

John Pursch- Two Poems

Strap-on Enteritis

Shoving chairs and rolling stockyard handiwork from sidling scythes to simulated iron pilings, MM-33 plagues candied rotary valves, ululators, and notary bubble wands with forays into sensitive anisotropic parricide, troubling hardened shellac magi with whorls of pinging frond chews, serrated by inviolate yellers.

Mean textures offer tensile interrogations to bottled wartime bathhouse hoverers, filling soldered jaws with brimming federal auras of cured bureau sheiks and amorous defectives gone pumping to the hound’s toothy sybaritic cringe.

Tucking weight behind calloused sanitary passions for neighing killer bloat, shoddy horse mints sparkle in noon’s massive tariff hair, printing sunset jury shamans till infinity debarks for rosy gruesome melancholy’s just demise. Leaning blackens irradiated lovers in decadal whimsy, peeling neutral dimorphisms from unused library pardons, flexing bygone booth doors into strap-on enteritis.

Fleeing the Sky

Departures lunge full-steam inside illuminated metal snowscape wills, bending allegories into shining leaves of vernal wasteland tees and profane gulls. Spawning issues terminals, gushers fly to Coptic cherry orchard freedom, pinning picnic tales on dendritic donkey hearings, slammed to summoned election kite recusal plots by juridical dungeon capers. 

Presiding clover emphasizes choice rebuttal dermal siphons, hiring icicles for crosstown blur release, disguising storm train musicals in wherefores of a graven ivy. Stapling Piltdown bundt croakers to latter-day film renewal wanderlust, destiny brindles at thematic mothball prices, quashing hellion map reluctance with shrugs and gestures toward the barnacles. 

Alcove iconography intones warped wedding duress, haggling for time to come in sensate yoga dotage cots, slipped in lumber’s stiff resurgent trench. Oddly puttering equestrian fungi mutter in dignity’s divine affinity for bewildered menthol trauma arcs, fleeing the sky for cowlick treason’s immersible introversion.

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