Saturday, August 10, 2013

John Pursch- A Poem

Cinco de Mayan

Days Ago City pharmacies and blackened markets sell a vast array of time drugs: slo-mo spray, fast-forward foam, missing-time milk, time-reversal rub, injectable interludes, paradox pills, time-stop stogies, time-loop lozenges, time-echo enemas, time-delay deodorant, time-travel tabs; all highly illegal outside of Days Ago, hence heavily smuggled, sold in thriving underground trade system-wide.

Practically overnight, Days Ago rose from third-world laughing stock to economic superpower, dominating Dearth and many of the so-called target worlds; all due to the discovery of ancient Mayan time springs deep in the Youcantan jungle. Public time baths soon appeared in every Days Again town; the active ingredient was isolated in labs at the University of Days Ago City, the borders were sealed, entire nation quarantined, time traps installed at every entry/exit point, time bombs secretly planted in every major population center around the globe, world powers forced to silently capitulate, accepting terms of subservience to peculiar whims of Days Again authorities, under threat of instant random regression to technologically helpless eras…

Treaties with the Untied States led to development of the first time machine on Dearth, coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar. Soon so-called Montauk Chairs sprang up throughout Nerd Americon military bases, leading to rewrite of Graylien treaties with much better terms for Dearth, communication with parallel worlds, alternate timeline trade routes, timeline tourism, mass migration of Dearth’s population to more viable worlds, worldwide time drug abuse, time wars…

New worldwide holiday: Cinco de Mayan, when everyone uses whatever time drugs are available, resulting in unpredictable melees. Time drugs available by prescription in Untied States and Myopia on qualified health plans. Laborers behind schedule avert job loss by visiting doctor, using time-rollback roll-on, time-delay darts, time-reversal rub, smoking time-stop stogies, smear on time-creation cream…

Swiss develop new timepieces that are not effected by shifting realities, stay synched/locked to MMT (Mayan Mean Time), the “universal” standard on Dearth, as measured in the Youcantan jungle, only place on Dearth where time does not slip. Existence of a fixed-time locus on the globe is guaranteed by the Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem. Intuitively stated, it says if the surface of a sphere is mapped onto itself, at least one point of the surface must remain unchanged by the mapping. The rest of the points on the sphere might be interchanged, but not the fixed point. This, of course, is the minimal case; more than one point can be fixed. In the case of Dearth, the site of the original Mayan time springs deep in the Youcantan is the location of the single fixed point in time.

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