Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Denny E. Marshall- Three Poems


After countless light years
Passed, counted, and forgotten
The end is finally visible
Physicists say no center or edge
As far as you can see
Now only a rim
Like a shoreline
To start over again
To another unknown


Long time ago first contact occurred
Barely before the start of humanity
Deep in an area now called Amazon
A strange craft crashed in the jungle
Exchanged knowledge with flowers and trees
Intelligent and they too are plants
No way home permanently stranded
After a million years or so
Still remaining silent
Waiting for the right moment


In the night sky
Wishing to fly
Without sleep

The distance is far
To the closest star
So far to leap

The light is old
The void is cold
Out in the deep

Lost in a spaceship
Destination unknown
Someplace no ones has been
A planet to call home

Denny E. Marshall has updated his bio, can you tell the difference.


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