Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alan Catlin- A Poem

Alien Resurrection

Three days gone and revived,
made up to look like Scarlett J.
as seen through a broken lens,
made-up like a Sex Pistol on a
bad hair day then slathered in tar,
give E and forced into a large, airless,
confining room, smoke thick and jungle
wet, Techno-Rave music at ear drum
bursting loud, searching for a note
beyond high C.  Surrounded by indoor
electric lady land laser lights,
disembodied hands and arms,
wave lengths in the air dangling
from nowhere like in a death match
of marionettes, closing in walls
pulsing, animal hot, amplified,
seem to suggest: Listen to My Heart
Beat on drugs.  Anything is possible
now, even the birth of a new life form,
an alien invasion.

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