Saturday, March 8, 2014

Les Merton- Two Poems

Last Orders

Earth Supreme Command orders
everyone to prepare themselves
at 23.10 for the apocalypse.
                        Rebels are proclaiming
                        do everything you’ve always wanted
                        to do in the remaining  hours -

Rebels Must Be Ignored - Repeat -
Rebels Must Be Ignored - Repeat... .


                        Ignored? The only thing to be ignored
                        is every government order ever issued!
                        From now on, anarchy rules, rebel, make love,
                        smoke, drink, eat, step outside of the system,
                        enjoy the remaining hours, most of all have fun.
                        They can’t tell us what to do any more!
                        It is all over... .

Everything was obliterated by the nuclear destruction of earth
at 23.10 as predicted. Warnings on Earth for civil disobedience
were ignored. There are no survivors - Repeat - There are no survivors... .


time for exploration -
an unmanned light space shuttle -
a soft breath of wind


Les Merton enjoys writing Sci Fi poetry. Most recently he has been published by: Star*line, and scifaikuest magazines. He is the author of 20 titles and the editor of Poetry Cornwall which he founded in 2002.

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