Thursday, September 26, 2013

John Pursch- Two Poems

Buttered Idea Bread

Fortunates dissolve in airburst dreg dispersion rays, 
funneled up to cruising transport holding tanks, 
shuffled into communal anonymity, 
awaiting resequencing. 

No intention transits concrete 
pillar trapdoor malfeasance, 
everyday dungeon girth, 
ribcage contagion, 
biologic midden, 
bodily duress, 
toil to gruel infusion, 
sapped in saturated heat glow, 
mornings reclaimed to windowless towers, 
pinned to boxcar retreats in astute confusion, 
repacked deadened meat for televised brain transplant, 
bereavement complete in sleepless restitution. 

Hover nightly, 
buttered idea bread, 
vacuous signatory ignition, 
formless feed of headless munitions agreement, 
plundered human fuse box bursting syndrome, 
trust in beaker bleach, 
busted toothy grime, 
blacked to grinding metal wheels, 
breaking vents of alley tease,
guarantors in triplicate confusion, 
simulcasting glut in paucity.

Abdominal Essence

Sneezes put you in a city, 
unaware of your surroundings, 
flecked with streetlight splines 
and treed delight. 

Scars whiz past, 
urging on sinusoidal plunder, 
fueling replication’s dirge 
to dunce cap rituals, 
moribund and sagging 
in a dimly lit crawlspace 
of burnished embers. 

Churning exhaustion peels 
stamina from polished faces, 
furrowed with lame plaudits, 
creased to spoken incendiary tension, 
a testament to slow gestation’s 
endless causeway. 

Youth severs known nadirs 
into sleeveless cinders, 
set for hovercraft seizure, 
pasting ballast over 
headroom prowess shortfall. 

Frowning aprons fixate, 
bubbling lugubriously, 
advertising sworn allergens, 
sputtering organic statutes 
in coded numismatic bliss.

Breeding channels tunnel greed 
within specific creep of fault line passivity, 
growling at curtsying mastiffs. 

Salient bowers press heels 
to stop-sign collarbones, 
imitating shackled bystanders, 
staging burial tirades 
for pruned abdominal essence.

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