Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jeffrey Park- Three Poems


I step through the airlock
walk away from the vessel.
Acid droplets fall from the slate
roof of the sky sparkling
like dark jewels roll
down my cheeks my chest my
arms steaming leaching
away my protective shell
leaving me naked leaving
me cold leaving me clean and
pink and hypersensitive
to every breath of alien air.
See me see my body me inside
bared now for your inspection.
Go and tell your masters
a visitor has arrived.

ISO 99000

Every day
a hundred times
a day
I study my hands
for signs of wear
and tear and rust
and corrosion,
rotate the joints
clench flex gesture
how hard can
these digits squeeze
how gently
caress –
so long out of
and still meeting
the most stringent
even if
as I myself am
forced to admit
the design
is ever so slightly
out of date.


Coherent sparks flare
for one billionth of one second
out in the whirlwind
colder than frozen
and older than the primordial
Decoded they whisper
proposals veiled threats
probe show
casual interest in local resources.
In the void
a dark lantern glows –
greetings felicitations best
soon we shall meet in the flesh
sooner than you could
have hoped
you shall reap your reward.
You are not alone.

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