Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Korliss Sewer- A Poem

Day 37

It smells dead.  The room has the scent of a mouse that fell between the walls during the remodel.  It’s gone from a stench to a scent:  I guess that means it’s getting better?  Even on a Saturday, I hear the workers pounding boards above me; dislodging more mice to stink within the drywall.  With one piece of toast, one egg, and warm mint tea, I begin my day with a mouse carcass behind my breakfast nook. 

I read an article about future Martian colonies, and how it will take 1,000 years to cultivate the planet only to have the median equatorial temperature being 40 degrees.  As I smell the mouse and sip tea, deep down within the article I read the Earth is dying (in small print, mind you).  They say that life on Mars will be self-limiting: 

Korliss Sewer enjoys writing about off-beat topics while watching off-beat people doing off-beat things.

Publishing credits include:  BlazeVOX, SubtleTea, Orange Room Review, amongst a few others.

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